Counterfeit Product 假冒產品


Be Aware of Counterfeit Products and Websites 小心假冒產品和網站

We at Athena Cosmetics are committed to stopping the sale of counterfeit and “black market” RevitaLash® Cosmetics products. Our first priorities are, have always been, and will continue to be customer safety and regulatory compliance. We recognize that customer safety and satisfaction are fundamental to your product experience, and our company’s continued success, and as such we take the sale of tampered products and knock-offs or counterfeit versions of our products very seriously, and we will continue to take the necessary steps to protect the brand and the consumer experience worldwide.

我們致力於停止銷售及杜絕假冒 RevitaLash® Cosmetics 產品。我們的首要任務一直是客戶的安全和遵從法律。我們知道客戶的安全和滿意度是產品體驗的重要因素,也是我們公司持續取得成功的基礎,因此,我們非常重視產品出現被炒襲或仿製品問題,我們必須以繼續保護品牌和消費者購物體驗。

Buyer Beware 買家小心選擇

As the global leader in our category, and a growing and increasingly in-demand brand, we are aware of the persistent problem of unauthorized websites that are selling what look like RevitaLash® Cosmetics products. In this modern Internet age, it is not as difficult as it used to be for scam artists  to fake our packing, product, and our logos in an attempt to fool unsuspecting consumers. We have personally discovered counterfeit products that look very convincing.  Many of the products sold on these websites have been opened, are not shrink-wrapped, are not our formulas, come in damaged and/or expired boxes (or no box at all), lack our inventory control numbers, contain misspellings, and more. These products could be counterfeit, or at the very least, may have been tampered with and as such, we encourage you to take a “buyer beware” approach and only purchase your RevitaLash® Cosmetics products through Authorized RevitaLash® Cosmetics Resellers to ensure your safety, and protect your investment. 

For your convenience, a global list of UNAUTHORIZED sites, whose product authenticity we cannot confirm nor stand behind, can be found here.  Please note that this list is not comprehensive, and as such we update this list ongoingly, as new discoveries are made.

作為同類型產品中的全球領導者以及越來越受歡迎的品牌,我們意識到存在未經授權的網站問題。在這個互聯網時代,有不法商人偽造我們的包裝、產品和商標,以欺騙消費者。我們更發現仿真度極高的假冒產品。這些網站上出售的產品或已經打開、不完整包裝、其他配方、將產品放在損壞和/或過期的包裝盒(或根本沒有包裝盒)、缺少我們的產品批號,包含字句上出現拼寫錯誤等等。這些產品可能是偽造或已被修改,因此,我們提醒買家要小心選擇產品,僅通過已授權的 RevitaLash® Cosmetics 經銷商購買 RevitaLash® Cosmetics 產品,以確保您的安全及利益。

為方便客人,可以在這裹找到未經授權的全球網上銷售點 (此列表會不斷更新)。

What Can You Do? 你可以做什麼?

The only way to ensure the safety of your product and avoid purchasing counterfeit or tampered products online is to buy directly from or from an authorized and reputable reseller. Be aware that although we diligently pursue, and consistently close down websites selling tampered or counterfeit product, the sellers rarely use their real names, and often change the names of their sites and URLs to enter the market under a different identity, all in an effort to make a quick sale at your expense.

確保產品安全並避免在網上購買假冒產品的唯一方法是直接從 購買產品或於已授權及信譽良好的經銷商購買產品。請注意,儘管我們竭力追求並持續關閉不合法銷售或假冒產品的網站,但賣家很少使用其真實姓名,或經常更改其網站名稱和URL以不同的身份進入市場以進行快速銷售。買家需自行評估及承擔風險。

Think Your Product May Be Counterfeit? 認為您的產品可能是假冒的?

Please remain vigilant when purchasing our products online. If you purchase what looks like RevitaLash® Cosmetics product that has been tampered with or is not in its original packaging, please contact us at 852-28187238 or and share the details of your purchase so we can follow-up through the proper legal channels. In this way, you can help us fight against counterfeit products and websites. 

在網上購買我們的產品時,請保持警惕。如果您購買的 RevitaLash® Cosmetics 產品看起來是仿製品或未放於原包裝內,請致電 852-28187238 或電郵 與我們聯繫並分享您的購買詳情,以便我們通過適當的法律渠道進行跟進。通過這種方式,您可以幫助我們打擊假冒產品和網站。

Contact Us 聯絡我們



Real or Fake? Can you tell the difference?  真或假?你能分辨出區別嗎?

Below are a few tips on how to shop authentic RevitaLash Cosmetic products:

  • Purchase directly from
  • Purchase from authorized resellers.
  • RevitaLash Advanced is thoroughly safety tested and designed to be used on the eye area. Counterfeit products may cause adverse reactions.

以下是有關如何購買正貨 RevitaLash Cosmetic 產品的提示:

  • 直接從 網站購買
  • 從授權經銷商購買
  • 睫毛修復增生精華經過了全面的安全測試,並設計用於眼睛位置。 假冒產品可能會引起不良反應。

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